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⁠⁠⁠Become a Tuameka Business Associate and run your own business to earn your own income. Complete the form below and be a part of the training to make you certified to resell and setup businesses to use Tuameka OnlIne Business Application.

Training sessions will take place from Monday, 2nd October, 2017 to Saturday, 14th October, 2017 at RayCom Technologies 33 Christian Service Center, Jungle Rd, East Legon, Accra

Registration fee for the certification and authorised reseller training is GHS 250.00 and can be paid using MTN Mobile Mobile.
Only a limited number of seats are avalable so please register now.
All partcipants are required to come along with their laptop or a large screen Internet enabled device.
A text message will be sent to confirm your registration details.

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